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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost for an engaged couple to meet with the mentor couple for six sessions?

$175 covers the cost of the workbooks and the six sessions with the mentor couple (Subject to change)

How much does it cost for mentor training?

$30.00 for two workbooks. The mentor’s guide and training are provided at no cost.

Is the mentor training in-person or on-line?

During Covid, we continued to provide mentor training through six on-line trainings. As areas have opened up, we are now offering the new mentor training in 1 1/2 days. We review the entire workbook in 3 hours on a Friday night and 7 hours the following Saturday. If you would like more information about becoming a mentor, contact us.

How is a mentor couple selected for an engaged couple?

When an engaged couple provides their contact information, a representative will contact them for an introductory on-line meeting to explain how the program works and to answer questions. After the meeting, the representative will pray and select a mentor couple for the couple. The mentor couple will reach out to the engaged couple to schedule the first meeting. The engaged couple needs to complete the first three chapters in Session 1 for the first meeting with the mentor couple.

How long does it take to go through all six sessions?

The program is very flexible and depending on the schedule of the mentor couple and the engaged couple, the sessions can be completed in six consecutive weeks or as determined by the two couples.

Is the mentor couple a professional marriage counselor?

The mentor couples are volunteers that share their experiences in marriage and guide the engaged couple through the material in the Marriage by God workbook. If there is a need for professional counseling, the mentor couple will tell the engaged couple to seek professional help.

Is the meeting with the engaged couples confidential?

A mentor summary report is provided to a marrying pastor to be used for any complimentary meetings with the marrying pastor. Otherwise, all conversations in the mentor meeting are confidential.

What is our rating on Yelp?

Many of the couples have found our ministry through Yelp.  Marriage by God receives 5-star reviews and recently received a 2020 “People Love Marriage by God on Yelp!” award from Yelp.

How does Marriage by God find mentor couples?

Marriage by God trains couples in churches who have marriages that have lasted a number of years, to mentor engaged couples in God’s plan for marriage.