3 Ways to Grow a More Christ-Centered Marriage

The world presents a much different view of marriage than what God intended. The best efforts and wisdom of humans cannot begin to hold a candle to what God has designed. Human perceptions of marriage are abundantly available to us. They are modeled and presented to us every day through well-meaning friends, family members, television “reality” shows and sitcoms, movies, … Read More

Am I My Husband’s Helper?

When God created Adam, he saw that Adam needed a companion. But God did not make an exact replica of Adam; He made a woman, who according to Genesis 2:18, was to be Adam’s helper or helpmate. The New Testament tells us we have all been given a specific walk for our lives. “For we are His workmanship created in Christ … Read More

7 Tips for Planning a Great Date Night with Your Spouse

Either spouse can plan a date night. The date night could be an evening out, or a romantic night in. One of the healthiest things a couple can do is to continue to date each other after they are married. It is especially fun if you take turns planning the date night and try to make the night as special … Read More

How to Change Your Marriage from Bitter to Better

Relationships are either getting better or getting worse. They don’t stay the same. You might say that a marriage is either getting better or bitter. If you examine the words “bitter” and “better,” you will notice that the only difference is that “bitter” has an “i” and “better” has an “e.” When a marriage begins to drift into bitterness, one or both … Read More

5 Great Benefits of Praying WITH Your Spouse

Pastor, Author, Speaker, Dr. Harold Sala, has been giving advice to married couples for over 55 years. Here he shares some great wisdom about praying together as a couple: 1) Prayer places us on the same level. The issue of power – who is in control – is one of the most frequent causes of marital battles. But when you … Read More

5 Lessons From EASTER That Will Bless Your Marriage

The story of Easter is so amazing and has wonderful truths for us to live out in our marriages. It is about Jesus dying on the cross as a sacrifice for our sins and resurrecting on the third day in order to bring each of us who believe in Him into new life. New eternal life, but also new life … Read More

Practice Love

We tend to put energy and value on the things of this world that are all temporary, rather than investing our best efforts and time on the things that are of worth in this life and for eternity. We put intentional effort into cooking, cleaning, shopping, working out, carpooling kids, etc. What if we put the same type of time … Read More

Are You Married to the Perfect Spouse?

Are you married to the perfect spouse? Before you ponder this question too long, let me make it simple for you. The answer is NO! The Bible tells us, “for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God” ~ Romans 3:23 So if you are looking for your spouse to be perfect, remember, no spouse is perfect. Not yours, not mine…not YOU! … Read More