Premarital Counseling

Congratulations on your engagement!

This is a very exciting time in life as you begin preparing for your big wedding day. Marriage by GOD would love to assist you in preparing for a BIG MARRIAGE. In this personalized program you will be mentored by a mature Christian couple through a 7-week curriculum that is designed to give you a strong foundation for a joyful marriage.

This unique couple-to-couple mentoring program coaches you on biblical principles and time-tested techniques for fulfilling God’s great plan for marriage. You will discuss things such as expectations and needs in marriage, the differences between men and women, and personality differences. The materials will equip you with how to effectively resolve conflict. You will be given tools to assist you in creating sound financial principles in marriage. Communication will be explored in detail especially in the areas of forgiveness, sex, and love languages. You will also be mentored on how to institute the proper safeguards to “affair-proof” your marriage. All of this will be done with the emphasis of putting Christ at the center of your marriage.

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We absolutely loved our premarital counseling! Darla and Ron were wonderful. It was such a joy spending time with them; sharing and learning from them. They gave us such good advice. We felt such a connection with them. Thank you so much! We loved the book! Y’all did such a good job writing it. ~ Alex & MiMi
The book was very practical and definitely Biblically based. Mike and Nora were very open and did not seem judgmental at all. It can be scary at first to share with people you just met but they opened their hearts and home to us and by the second session it was not weird at all. I felt like they were really there to help us and remove a lot of the unknown about getting married. I also liked how the program was spread out over the 6 weeks. We understood that some of the chapters were less about solving problems we had at the moment, but more about giving us skills for the future and setting up reasonable expectations. ~ Aaron & Sarahi

What did you like least about your Premarital Counseling? That it ended! ~ Chris & Elsa
This was an absolutely fantastic program and very well written. Because I was married before for 21 years, part of it was a “refresher” but there were aspects that I hadn’t thought to talk about yet with my fiancé and some new things to learn. ~ Kevin & Kelly