Marriage Mentoring Testimonies (NEW)

“My husband and I were really struggling to hold our marriage together. We did the program and now we are back in love and actually reenergized in our marriage. The workbook is super easy to fill out and the questions leave room for our honesty to be put on paper. Ed and Angie were very welcoming. Our mentor couple was incredible! This program is not just for struggling couples but also for refreshing your marriage. I look forward to the new solutions we learned and the love we have again.”


- Daniela M.

- Daniela M.

“Everything and every session provided such valuable tools. The entire program and our mentors were incredible. Our mentors really made the words on the pages of the workbook come to life by their words of wisdom and their ability to foster an environment where we felt safe to share with them in the most transparent way. Our sessions were filled with tears, laughter, and so many ” “AH HA” moments. My husband and I would walk out of every session get in the car and say, “Wow that was a great!” Each time we concluded a meeting, my husband and I felt closer to each other.”


- Ace

- Ace & Frances

“The experience really reminded us that God is the most important thing in our lives and keeping Him at the center of our marriage is the way we will flourish. There were a lot of issues that were brought to light during the course of the experience that were necessary for us to begin talking about them and working them out together. They (our mentors) were so understanding and flexible with us. We were given the freedom to move through the material at our own pace. They also were extremely knowledgeable in Scripture and with the Marriage by God program. They were excellent!!”


- Patty

- Patty & Zack M.

“We highly recommend this program for all couples.  Whether you believe your marriage is strong, but just needs a tune-up or if you think you’re at the end with no hope, this program is a true blessing. The materials and format quickly get to the heart of what marriage is all about.  This is not about who’s right and who’s wrong.  Rather, it’s about true, powerful love.  The truth is all marriages have their challenges and can be derailed – this program provides realistic tools for couples and reinforces how they can work together to stay on the track.”


- D

- D & N


What a wonderful tool for both those struggling and those looking to maintain and further a healthy marriage.  Everyone is busy, but I do not know anyone who woiuld not benefit from setting aside the time to experience this mentoring program.  Ed and Angie have truly created a tool to keep marriages healthy.  Understanding these principles based on truth allows people to move closer to fluorishing the way God intended.

Highly recommended!

- Tim

- Tim & Kim

“Myles and I loved the connection that we were able to make with our mentors.  It helped us see a great example of a loving and Godly marriage that we can look up to.  They were what made this experience so wonderful for us!”


- Myles

- Myles & Emma T.

My husband and I had been married only 6 months when we started this program. I found this program on Yelp and am so glad I did! We hadn’t done any premarital counseling and were a little lost on the road to building a loving, Christ-centered marriage. Marriage by God truly changed our marriage for the better. It gave us the tools we needed in order to build a successful marriage that is founded in Jesus Christ. Our mentors were amazing and did not make us feel judged in the least as we shared the most intimate, personal details of our thoughts, fears, and pasts. I highly recommend this program to anyone.

Marriage by God was amazing! I only wish there was another six-week session!

Candace H.

Candace H.

Candace H.

“We liked the practical tips and suggestions we learned to help the way we communicate.”




- Calin

- Calin & Ginny M.

The thing we liked best about the program was our mentors! They were fantastic and really helped us to feel comfortable sharing the intimate, personal details of the struggles in our marriage. We also loved the fact that the workbook covered every single aspect of marriage that you could ever face, and included various resources for us to be able to dive deeper into the subject if we desired. We loved that there were great examples and principles and that everything was based off of God’s Word.

- Ameer

- Ameer & Candace S.

I liked the useful tricks like “sorry I win” and King and queen for a day. I also learned that a marriage can usually be gauged by how much fun the couple has. I really liked the session where we split up and I could ask anything I wanted.

Chrissy M.

Chrissy M.