Marriage Mentoring

Putting the “Happily” Into Your Ever After!

It is easy to get caught up in the “peanut butter and jelly” of life. You are so overwhelmed with the noise, hurry and distractions of the natural flow of each day that you can’t even remember the last time you put intentional effort intoAndy 40th B-Day 046your relationship with your spouse. When your marriage then faces challenges, it is easy to get derailed. Through the marriage enrichment curriculum, Putting the “Happily” Into Your Ever After, Marriage by God provides realistic tools for couples and reinforces how they can work together to get back on the track quickly. It is not about who’s right and who’s wrong.  Rather, the materials and format get to the heart of what marriage is all about and works to strengthen the areas that need growth.
You will meet couple-to-couple with a loving, mature Christian couple who will mentor you through the curriculum. In this practical program you will be coached on fun exercises, helpful skills, meaningful insights, and biblical guidelines that will show you how to be intentional about loving your spouse with a Christ-like love. This program is perfect for the couple who wants to take their marriage from good to great.
Couples who put forth 100% effort are surprised by how much they improve their skills in the area of communication 226963_10150184797826849_1028240_nand resolving conflict. As they learn more about their unique personality mindsets and their gender differences, they gain a much better knowledge and understanding of one another. Through heartfelt sharing they are blessed with
more meaningful physical and emotional intimacy that unites them body, mind and soul.
God promises so much more for your marriage than you can even imagine. If you want to discover God’s best for
your marriage, then this program is for you!  Click the link below to get started.
Note: This is a wellness program conducted by well-trained volunteers. If your relationship is presently experiencing abuse, infidelity, or you are currently separated this program is not recommended for you. 

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